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Released June 2016. A 5-song CD of instrumental rock music. Click on the album cover above to read about it.

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Released January 2016. A 3-song download-only EP of spoken word and rap over original music. Click on the album cover above to read about it.

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Released December 2012. An 8-song acoustic CD featuring Paul Ermisch on violin. Click on the album cover above to read about it.

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Released in 2011, my first full-length album, produced by John McVey. Click on the album cover above to read about it.

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This acoustic EP was released in 2009. There are 5 listed songs, and a home-recorded version of "Misfit" as a hidden track. Click on the album cover above to read about it.

You can buy my CDs at these Colorado record stores:

Albums on the Hill

1128 13th St. Boulder

Twist and Shout

2508 E. Colfax Ave. Denver

Wax Trax

638 E. 13th Ave. Denver

Independent Records and Video

937 E. Colfax Ave. Denver
3030 E. Platt Ave. Colorado Springs
123 E. Bijou St. Colorado Springs
3040 W. Colorado Ave. Colorado Springs
420 West 4th St. Pueblo
5680 Highway 85/87 Fountain

...or you can Buy Now on the web from CD Baby.


You can download my songs at CDBaby, iTunes and

Pass it Around!

For those of you who have bought my CD's or downloaded my songs, I would love for you to email the mp3's to friends and turn them on to my music (or post them on Facebook, etc). No need to ask permission. I've become acquainted with songs and artists because someone emailed me an mp3. I've then gone out and bought a CD by that artist, and/or paid to attend a show by them. So it's in my interest for you to pass my songs around. Thank you!

After you check out an artist's songs for free, if you like them, then please support that artist, whether it's a band or individual, by paying for a CD or downloads. It costs a lot of money to record music, believe me. Please help a brother or sister out!

"Rob Roper's music concocts striking similarities to Elvis Costello... pop rock with a lyrical edge." --Sheryl Radetsky

"...plinks at heart strings and funny bones... finding both the sorrow and the humor in some of the shadowed crevices of day-to-day life... a solid songwriter with a talent for telling stories from unusual perspectives." --Wildy's World

"Rob Roper tells the stories of those of us who will never be be rich or famous; stories of failure, struggle, dreams, and modest victories, often with wry humor and an unsentimental, hard-earned hopefulness." --Millie Phillips

"Each song is a vignette that places you inside the mind and heart of the writer, or at least the character he has created... [takes] you from one space into another, from despair into hope, or the other way around." --Nancy Farmer

"...wittily sarcastic, poignantly emotional, and humorously edgy, with moments of beauty and grace and sadness and reflection." --Patrick Nagel

"Roper's literate pop/folk tunes are furnished from the same emotional stores we shop at. The songs look like us and ask 'Is this me?' And by implication is this you? Is this what you intended in your life?" --Melle Johnson

"...lyrical style is clever and insightful, with a strong sense of song structure and likable original melody lines." --Ken Langford

"Rob is the troubadour of the misfit...and bless him for it. He has the voice for those of us who ran into road construction on the highway to life's grandest hopes and dreams. Rob sings of the humor and disappointment most of us encounter on our less than perfect journeys through this life. But even when the subject matter turns the darkest, even in his bleakest laments, there is a human voice of solidarity and of hope showing at the edges of the despair...the kind of hope and solidarity that could actually save a life. Rob's best tune on the album is 'You Could Have Had Me.' If it isn't speaking to a universal for the rest of us less than winners, then what the hell is music for? Buy his EP and listen to it when it when it actually matters...when you need a little hope at the edges of your darkness." --Kurt Loken

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This is my first solo singer-songwriter CD, a Do-It-Yourself EP I made at my home in 2007. There are 6 listed songs, and a demo of "Wave the Flag and Give 'em God" is a hidden track at the end. Click on the album cover to read more about it.