Total Flower Chaos

Photo by David Barber of

Total Flower Chaos is the name of my psychedelic rock band, where I play my original songs and instrumentals.
In 2022 I played a few gigs in Denver with the personnel in the photo above.
Left to right: David Shaffer: guitar, backing vocals. Ryan Watts: bass. Connor Gibson: drums. Rob Roper: guitar, lead vocals.

Old Bands



Scupanon was my acoustic/folk band from 2013 to 2020.
Initially it consisted of myself on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, violinist Paul Ermisch and percussionist Sam Caston.
Later, Janet Lipson joined on harmony vocals, and Diamond Jim Hewitt replaced Paul Ermisch on fiddle, mandolin and mandola.
Various other musicians joined for short periods of time.
I wrote all the songs, and we also played a few covers chosen by me.

Electric Poetry


Electric Poetry was my rock band from 2017 to 2019.
It consisted of Jay Meikrantz on drums, Sean Mullen on bass, Paul Webb on lead guitar, Janet Lipson on harmony vocals and Kelly Walker on keyboards.
I played rhythm guitar, sang lead vocals and wrote all the songs.



I played with the Denver original rock band Dorian from 2014 to 2016.
The consisted of Adrian Ritchey on vocals, Dave Bakulski on bass, and Jon Cox on drums.
I played electric guitar, wrote or co-wrote some of the songs, and organized the demo recording sessions in 2014.

Here are some songs from the demo recording sessions.

Anyone but Me

The Last Time

Pieces of Me

You Dug Your Grave

Here is a live recording of "Garden Where Love Grows." Recorded Live at the Larimer Lounge in Denver, January 28, 2015.

Garden Where Love Grows

The Rob Roper Band


The Rob Roper Band only played from January to June, 2010.
It consisted of me on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, Paul Ermisch on violin, Laurie Lamar on bass, and Dan Heinrich on drums.
Unfortunately, I don't have any good live recordings of that band.

Charon Blue


I played electric guitar with the Denver original folk-rock band Charon Blue from 2002 to 2003.
The band was led by Randy Schmuki, who wrote all the songs, sang lead vocals and played acoustic guitar.
Chad Light played bass and Clay Cantley played drums.
I played electric guitar and assisted with the song arrangements.

Here are some live recordings of Charon Blue at Herman's Hideaway, I think from some time in 2002.

Mission Man

Desert Sands

Tickle Your Mind

Faded Innocence


I was co-leader, along with Kurt Loken, of the Tucson rock band Faded Innocence from 1994-1996.
The band consisted of Kurt Loken on bass and lead vocals, Rob Roper on guitar and vocals, and Chris Stokes on drums for the first album ("Charlie's Dream").
For the second album, "Seasons Change," I also programmed the drum machine, played keyboards, acoustic guitar, and harmonica.
Kurt wrote all but two of the songs. I wrote "Just Another Sheep" and "Coward (Fear of Love)."
I was primarily responsible for the song arrangements, with help from Kurt.
I also recorded and mixed the band's two albums on a Tascam 4-track cassette recorder at my Tucson apartment.
I later digitally mastered them on Logic.

Here are some of those home 4-track recordings.

Moth to the Flame

Another Bitter Love Song


Charlie's Lie