2018 Gigs: Off to a Good Start!

I've played 4 gigs in 2018 so far-- two with my acoustic group, Scupanon, one with Electric Poetry, and one with both. The turnout from friends and fans was good. Maybe it's because of my commitment to use my shows to build community (see my blog on the subject). I'm working to book more gigs for both bands. Things are looking up!

--Rob February 25, 2018

2017 Review and 2018 Goals

See my blog for my looking back on 2017 as a year of transition, and my goals for 2018.

--Rob January 24, 2018

Electric Poetry

I have a new band, it's called Electric Poetry. It consists of Jay Meikrantz on drums, Sean Mullen on bass, Paul Webb on lead guitar, Janet Lipson on backing vocals, and me on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. We play new songs I've written such as "3-Legged Dog" as well as older songs from my Misfit and The Other Side of Nowhere albums. Click the Shows tab at the top of the page to find out where we're playing.

I'm still playing with Scupanon, my acoustic group with violinist Paul Ermisch. Janet Lipson is joining us on backing vocals. Scupanon has some shows scheduled, too, so check the Shows page on this website.

--Rob December 1, 2017

3 Years of Chasing the Dream, Part 3: The Next Step

I just posted Part 3, the final in my series, "3 Years of Chasing the Dream" on my blog. Click here or on the Blog link above.

--Rob October 25, 2017

3 Years of Chasing the Dream, Part 2

I just posted Part 2 of my "3 Years of Chasing the Dream" series on my blog. Click here or on the Blog link above.

--Rob Sept 30, 2017

3 Years of Chasing the Dream

My latest blog begins:

"In my song, The Other Side of Nowhere, the mentor criticizes the student for 'doing what you should, not what you want.' I did what I should for 40 years. I’ve been doing what I want for the past 3 1/2 years."

As this chapter of my life ends and a new one begins, I reflect back on these years. What did I accomplish? Did I achieve my music goals? You can read about it on the blog page of this site. Click here or on the Blog link above.

--Rob Sept 12, 2017

Now Offering Songwriting Lessons

I am currently testing a songwriting group class on a few songwriting friends. It's going well, so I plan to offer it in the Denver-Boulder area next fall. I also decided to offer private songwriting lessons or mentoring. The private lessons I can offer outside Denver via Skype. Email me at rob@robroper.com if you're interested.

--Rob July 29, 2017

The Journey

I added an instrumental piece to my music player called "The Journey". This is a composition for piano, flute and clarinet that I did as my final project for the Composition class I took at Metro St. this past semester. The "performance" is just MIDI instruments by the Finale software that I used to compose the music. I hope that someday I'll have the funding to be able to go into a studio with real musicians and record this properly.

I named it "The Journey" because I think it captured the emotions of my journey the past 2 years of taking music theory classes at Metro St. Univ. in Denver.

--Rob May 7, 2017

Interviewed by Standing O Project

The fair trade streaming organization, The Standing O Project, interviewed me recently. We discussed my musical background and journey, my songwriting development, process and mission, and my diverse musical styles, from folk to rock to spoken word. I talked about how I wrote the songs "Misfit," "Wave the Flag and Give 'em God," and "Accept Embrace Surrender." Finally, we discuss the new music industry and the impact of streaming, and how the Standing O Project is helping artists in this new era.

You can hear the podcast on the Standing O site with a fan or free trial subscription on the Standing O Website.

I encourage everyone who streams music to sign up for a subscription with the Standing O Project, where half the revenue goes directly to the artists.

--Rob April 10, 2017

Have a Listen

Bands and Projects

Total Flower Chaos

This is my hard rock/noise/psychedelic rock project. The debut 5-song EP, "Roses", was released in June, 2016. As of now, there is no band, but I hope to form one soon. For the Total Flower Chaos website, click here.


Scupanon is my acoustic singer-songwriter band. It is a partnership between violinist Paul Ermisch and myself. A few percussionists and upright bass players have come and gone, so we are back to playing as a duo. We play frequently along the Colorado Front Range. For the Scupanon website, click here.

Scupanon playing at Swallow Hill in Denver

Rob Roper Solo Recordings

I how have about 10-12 unrecorded songs that don't fit the above categories, and continue to write more. Eventually they will appear on another solo record, depending on when I can find the time and funding.

Producer Work

I have produced my own last few recordings (Total Flower Chaos, Word, and The Other Side of Nowhere), and am currently producing an EP for Denver singer-songwriter Jim Broyles. I am looking for other singer-songwriters or bands to produce. If you would like to consider me as a producer for your recording project, please email me at rob@robroper.com and we'll discuss it. For more info, click on the Producer link at the top of this page.

Movie Work

I am also looking to license my songs for movies, as well as compose original music for film projects. If you are a film director or music director, and would like to work with me on your project, please email me at rob@robroper.com.


I am now offering songwriting and guitar lessons. If you are interested, please email me at rob@robroper.com.

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*Note: there is another Rob Roper in the UK who plays music. This site is for the US Rob Roper.