Rob Roper Film Music Page

Updated February 25, 2016

Songs Available for Film and TV

My songs may be licensed for film and TV. Email if you are a music director and would like to license one or more of my songs.

Film Scoring

I am looking for opportunities to score and write songs for specific films. Composing music, arrangements and songwriting are my strengths. My primary instrument is guitar, both acoustic and electric, but I can also play bass, keyboard and program drums, as you can hear on my 3-song EP, Word. Examples of my acoustic songwriting and arrangements can be heard on my self-produced EP, The Other Side of Nowhere. I have the ability and equipment to record demos of ideas at home, and good relations with several Denver-area engineers for recording final versions. I also have the ability to compose music for other instruments and print scores using Finale software.

If you are a music director for a film, and interested in commissioning me for your project, please email me at