Bands and Projects

My priority these days is composing music and songwriting. I do, however, play shows with the two bands I'm in, Scupanon and Dorian, as well as the occasional solo gig. For more detail, read on...


Scupanon consists of me on vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul Ermisch on violin and Sam Caston on percussion. We play the songs I wrote and recorded on my CDs at various venues in Colorado. I am writing new songs for this band, with the particular talents of Paul and Sam in mind. Paul has recently started collaborating with me on the music composition. We'd also like to add an upright bass player. For the Scupanon website, click here .

Total Flower Chaos

This project is a blend of rock genres, including hard rock and psychedelic rock, but with other influences as well. I am currently composing music for it, and once I get more songs written, I will form a band. There is no website for this project, but if you're curious, I have posted a few of the musicial ideas on this Soundcloud site. I'll continue to post more as I finish them.


This is a 4-piece band consisting of Adrian Richey on vocals, myself on electric guitar, Dave Bakulski on bass and Jon Cox on drums. The songwriting is shared between Adrian, Dave and myself. We play original music in the style of The Smiths, The Cure and Joy Division. Dorian does not yet have a website, however, I did setup this Reverbnation site where you can hear our songs and sign up for the email list. We have just started to get some gigs and play out in the Denver area.

Rob Roper Solo Recordings

I how have about 8-10 unrecorded songs that don't fit the above categories, so I'm thinking about making another solo record. I started uploading a few home demos of these songs to my Blog. You can be a beta tester-- have a listen and leave a comment. I need to figure out if any of these are worthy of recording on a new album. Keep in mind these are home demos-- don't expect great sound or polish.

--Rob Sept 20, 2014

Have a Listen

ReverbNation embedded music player

Scupanon playing house concert in December 2013

Scupanon playing Gennaro's Lounge in Denver, February 2014

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*Note: there is another Rob Roper in the UK who plays music. This site is for the US Rob Roper.