New Video!

I created a video for my song, "Apollo's Little Bastard." Click the video link at the top of this page to view it. It's a slideshow of photos from live shows over the past 7 years. I have a few other videos there as well. Please view and leave a comment.

--Rob April 10, 2015

Spoken Word Remix Project

I've been working with engineer Brian Hunter to remix three spoken word home recordings I've done over the past few years. These are "Wave the Flag and Give 'em God", "Indigenous", and "Accept, Embrace, Surrender". In addition to improved sound, we're adding some cool effects to the songs, which I think people will like. I haven't decided what format to release these-- for digital download only, a 3 song EP or part of a larger solo album project. I'll decide in the next month or two.

--Rob March 21, 2015

New Album in 2015!

I've decided to record a new album this year! It will be the first album of my Total Flower Chaos project-- hard rock, psychedelic rock, noise and ambient. It will be recorded at Evergroove Studio this summer. I had the first planning meeting with Brad Smalling, the engineer, last week. Stay tuned for details!

--Rob Jan 17, 2015

Let's go to the City

This is cool-- check out Brian Hunter's song on the music player to the right called "Let's go to the City." Brian co-produced and engineered my album, The Other Side of Nowhere, which includes my song, "Let's go to the Mountains." Brian was inspired to compose this instrumental variation of the song. Check it out!

--Rob Nov 30, 2014

Bands and Projects

Total Flower Chaos

As mentioned above, the debut album will be recorded this summer. TFC is not a band-- yet. That's because I am still composing music for it, and that process will continue right into the studio. But I will form a band during or after the recording process. The musical style is different from all of my previous recordings and bands-- hard rock, psychedelic rock, noise, ambient. There is no website for this project yet, but if you're curious, I have posted a few rough demos on this Soundcloud site. I'll continue to post more as I finish them.


This is a 4-piece band consisting of Adrian Richey on vocals, myself on electric guitar, Dave Bakulski on bass and Jon Cox on drums. The songwriting is shared between Adrian, Dave and myself. We play original music in the style of The Smiths, The Cure and Joy Division. Dorian does not yet have a website, however, it does have a Reverbnation site where you can hear our songs, find out about shows, and sign up for the email list. We have been gigging in the Denver area.


Scupanon consisted of me on vocals and acoustic guitar, Paul Ermisch on violin and Sam Caston on percussion. Unfortunately, Sam had to leave the group due to family responsibilities and other commitments. So we're looking for a replacement. We recently added Paul Woods on upright bass player. He's learning the songs and we hope to start playing out again before too long. For the Scupanon website, click here .

Rob Roper Solo Recordings

I how have about 8-10 unrecorded songs that don't fit the above categories, and continue to write more. Eventually they will appear on another solo record. It will come down to time and funding.

Have a Listen

ReverbNation embedded music player

Playing with Dorian at the Larimer Lounge in Denver

Scupanon playing The Park House in Denver

Producer Work

I am currently busy producing my own recordings (see news at left) but am eager to start producing another band or individual's album. I think that I have a real talent for this, so if you would like to consider me as a producer for your recording project, please email me at and we'll discuss it.

Movie Work

I am also looking to compose music for movies. If you are a budding movie director, and would like to work with me on your project, please email me at

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*Note: there is another Rob Roper in the UK who plays music. This site is for the US Rob Roper.